Bernhard Ehret, Founder and Director of Global EHRET Processing GmbH, Germany, has been providing High Quality Finishing Systems and Solutions to the Digital Print and Offset Web Finishing Industry worldwide since 1989 and in 2014 established GEP USA for sales, service and marketing for North America, Canada, and Mexico. In 2020 we newly opened a second office and warehouse in Chiago. Facilities include a 18,000 square feet manufacturing, assembly, and distribution location in Lodz, Poland with Corporate offices for Global Marketing, Engineering, and Design located in Freiburg, Germany.
GEP EHRET is continually striving to engage and connect directly with our clients and provide the exceptional, expedited service demanded by the industry today. To learn more about the GEP EHRET Patented Innovative Digital Web Finishing Modules and Solutions, browse through our site and contact us with any questions.


Digital & Web Offset lnLine – Near Line Direct Mail Finishing Systems

GEP EHRET provides Patented Technologies which includes:

  • Non Stop Precise Register Dual Roll Butt Splicer with low profile
  • Non Stop Turret Rewinders
  • Full Web 30″ Width Dynamic Perf/Score & DieCutting in the same module
  • Full Web 30″ Width Dynamic Rotary Diecutting with Vacuum removal of the cutting waste
  • Sheeters with variable chip-out for Offset papers
  • Heavy Duty Sheeters with Chip-out for the Packaging lndustry
  • High Speed Stackers and Pressing Delivery Units
  • Patented Plowfold and Gatefold units
  • High Speed heavy duty Buckle Folding sections
  • Patent Pending Gate Fold Buckle Plate
  • Patented High Speed Perf/Slit/Score Modules with 6″ diameter blades for precise razor-cut slit edges for multiple up job layouts — i.e. postcards, crush-cut & lay flat perf lines, time-perfed heads and letterpress quality score lines all provide innovative solutions in a Patented finishing module.

GEP EHRET is continually developing and innovating new technologies for the current and future industry demands for maximum production. Click below for more details on all available GEP EHRET Print & Digital Finishing Modules.

Book Finishing – Single Sheet and Signature Finishing Line Solutions

GEP EHRET Patented Technologies are also available for Book Finishing Lines for Perfect Bound Books, Smyth Sewn Books, Saddle Stitched Books with fixed/variable page counts for data matching book covers, and a Patented Gluing Process for Book Block Sections will en hance any production level for a progressive thinking book finishing plant. Click below to see the customized solutions that GEP EHRET can build for current and future production needs.

24/7 Service Request

GEP EHRET provides service and the majority of parts that are available for all Ehret designed finishing modules since 1989, which includes most units not directly purchased from GEP Ehret-Germany.

All NEW GEP EHRET Finishing Lines and some individual Modules include an industrial PC Computer which allows troubleshooting access from Germany 24/7. From this industrial PC, all functions of each module can be monitored and all software updates can be sent via ethernet connections for minimal downtime production loss.